ENGTEQ, a business stream of CAN Group, is a leading Integrity Management service provider delivering a comprehensive range of Integrity Management, Engineering and Consultancy services to the energy industry worldwide. 


ENGTEQ's services extend across the full spectrum of Asset Integrity Management from integrity management through to engineering services and technical consultancy. We offer a flexible, tailored approach to asset life extension and draw upon the expert knowledge and experience of our management and personnel to enhance operational efficiency and performance across our clients assets.

ENGTEQ is a UKAS accredited inspection body for integrity management and pressure systems with a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001.

As part of CAN Group, ENGTEQ clients also have access to and benefit from the services provided by the wider group which facilitates the delivery of bespoke and integrated asset integrity solutions.


Asset Integrity Management


Against a backdrop of the challenges currently faced by the industry, ENGTEQ works with clients through close partnerships to ensure asset reliability and provide cost-effective, fully managed integrity solutions. ENGTEQ's integrity services and procedures are UKAS accredited and we hold one of the widest scopes for integrity management in the industry.

Our Asset Integrity Management (AIM) services are designed to enhance asset performance throughout the life cycle and support asset life extension. ENGTEQ provides a full range of engineering and technical services to provide total asset integrity from sea bed to flare tip.

Pressure Systems Management

Covered by our UKAS accreditation, ENGTEQ provides in-service inspection assessments for pressure systems; delivering inspection, engineering and assessment processes to ensure systems remain fit for service.

Written Schemes of Examination

ENGTEQ maintain and deliver UKAS accredited procedures for the development, revalidation and certification of Written Schemes of Examination.

Development of Integrity Management Documentation and Audit of Integrity Management Systems

We develop robust integrity and corrosion management procedures for our clients based on industry best practice. Additionally, existing systems can be audited to ensure they remain fit for purpose with recommendations on how to enhance such systems provided on completion.

Condition Assessment

Our experienced personnel conduct and manage condition assessment processes in accordance with API-579, B31.1, PD5500 or ASME VIII.

Fitness for Service

Putting safety first. ENGTEQ's Fitness for Service assessments provide vital insight into the integrity of engineered components. Our assessments identify precisely any defects or deterioration that may compromise service life or safety to provide our clients with the information necessary to take timely action and prevent failure. We conduct initial evaluations against the original design code and where required carry out Level 1 and Level 2 assessments for metal loss in-house. Level 3 assessments are also available when required and are currently provided in conjunction with a specialist third party supplier managed by ENGTEQ.

Data and Statistical Analysis

To further support integrity management activities, ENGTEQ conducts data and statistical analysis of inspection and NDT data to ensure the value of the data is fully realised. We have extensive experience with ACET, COABIS, CORTRAN, MAXIMO and SAP.

Integrity Frameworks and Systems

We have significant experience in the development of asset integrity management frameworks and systems. From reviewing and enhancing existing systems by drawing on our company-wide knowledge base to ensure maximum efficiency

Risk Based Inspections (RBI)

ENGTEQ follows UKAS accredited procedures necessary for the development and review of risk-based inspection programs. 

Technical Services

ENGTEQ's technical services team provide additional support to our clients asset integrity operations. From strategy and procedural development to routine engineering support and work pack preparation, we provide a complete support solution for every project.


ENGTEQ's engineering services are delivered by highly experienced structural, corrosion, pipeline, subsea, integrity and inspection engineers. We provide a complete asset integrity, engineering and assessment process to ensure asset reliability and that assets remain fit for future use.

Corrosion Engineering

We provide a full suite of corrosion engineering services and have significant experience consulting clients on a range of corrosion issues. Our service includes:

  • API 510 - Pressure Vessel Inspection
  • API 570 - Pressure Piping Inspection
  • API 653 - Storage Tank Inspection
  • API 579 - Fitness for Service Assessments
  • Chemical and Inhibition Management
  • Corrosion Risk Based Assessments
  • Corrosion Management including Piping Support
  • Non-Intrusive Inspection Assessments to DNV-RP-G103
  • Failure and Root Cause Analysis
  • Cathodic Protection Data Review
  • Intelligent Pig Run Data Analysis
  • Integrity Support
  • Material Selection
  • NDT Data Analysis
  • Small Bore Tubing

Pipeline and Subsea Engineering

Our pipeline and subsea engineering team work closely with our corrosion engineers to ensure the integrity of pipelines and subsea structures by conducting a range of engineering assessments and the implementation of various technologies. ENGTEQ's capabilities in this area cover a range of subsea technologies including:

  • Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Surveys
  • Flooded Member Detection (FMD)
  • Side Scan Sonar (SSS) Surveys
  • Cathodic Protection (CP) Surveys

Structural Engineering

Working closely with our clients technical authorities, ENGTEQ's structural engineers ensure the continued safety and integrity of all primary, secondary and tertiary structures. Guided by integrity assurance and regulatory compliance, we ensure efficient, high quality structural integrity management systems are in place by developing, maintaining and implementing strategies, schemes and workscopes in line with industry best practice.

ENGTEQ proactively monitor actual and potential risks to the structural integrity of our clients assets to ensure continued asset reliability.

Integrity and Inspection Engineering

Integrity and inspection engineering are an integral part of ENGTEQ's service range and are areas we are extremely well versed in.

Inspection engineering encompasses a wide range of services which are often delivered in conjunction with other in-house services to deliver a bespoke service which is tailored to our clients individual needs. Integrity and inspection engineering services include:

  • Condition Assessment
  • Pressure System Management
  • Development and implementation of Integrity Management Systems
  • Conducting Non-Intrusive Inspection Assessments
  • Risk Based Inspection creation, review and update
  • Fitness for Service Assessment and calculations - API 650 and API 579
  • Involvement in creation, review, update of Written Schemes of Examination
  • Work pack production
  • Anomaly Management
  • Statistical Analysis of Inspection Data
  • Data input and management of inspection management software
  • Interface daily for OIEs onsite
  • Interface with specialist subcontractors

Modifications and Construction

Drawing on our engineering expertise, ENGTEQ provides engineering support services for minor modification and construction projects. Delivering streamlined engineering solutions in conjunction with the CAN trades business stream, we provide the required technical engineering input for modification and like-for-like replacements of secondary and tertiary steelwork and small scale piping scopes.


CAN Group provides an integrated and cost-effective Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) service with ENGTEQ providing technical engineering services and CAN delivering an extensive range of complementary NDT inspection techniques. CAN Group provides a complete NII service from integrity review through to the evaluation of results and any required remedial action.

CAN Group's Non-Intrusive Inspection Process

Integrity Review

ENGTEQ will conduct an initial in-depth integrity review in accordance with DNV-RP-G103 to determine the suitability for Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII). We will provide a high quality engineering assessment, reviewing the vessels current Corrosion Risk Assessment (CRA) data, historical inspection records and any other pertinent information. Should information not be available, under our UKAS accredtation ENGTEQ can conduct CRA's and integrity assessments to ensure all required information is available.

Decision Making Process

ENGTEQ and CAN will review the information to determine if NII is possible. If not, an alternative inspection strategy will be presented.

Planning and Inspection

ENGTEQ and CAN will develop a tailored and robust inspection strategy where NII is posible. CAN will then carry out the inspection.

For more information on the extensive range of NDT techniques provided by CAN for NII, please click here.


During and following inspection, the results will be evaluated by ENGTEQ and CAN and reported back to our client with recommendations for the next inspection interval and remedial work if required.

Throughout, clients can rest assure that they are dealing directly with highly experienced corrosion and inspection specialists with the skills and knowledge to understand all potential corrosion mechanisms.

Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) offers a comprehensive, yet cost effective insight into the health of vital plant and equipment which maximises production time and reduces risk and the need for potentially hazardous man entry into vessels.

Our tailored and integrated service benefits our clients as they have access to multiple solutions through one contractor.


As one of the leading asset integrity management and engineering service providers, ENGTEQ are uniquely placed to consult our clients on a range of problems and challenges.

With a wealth of cross-asset and operator experience, we are not only able to address one-off, complex integrity related issues but also add value across the asset integrity spectrum. ENGTEQ can optimise the asset integrity process from inception through to development and into the delivery and enhancement phases.

We offer analysis and arrive at the most effective solution with a wide range of resources at our disposal to support and action any recommendation.

ENGTEQ's technical consultancy services extend across all service areas as we deliver detailed advice and recommendations to our clients to provide them with the information required to optimise the safety, integrity and certainty of their assets.

Audit Services

Our audit services ensure that systems, processes and procedures are fit for purpose and able to withstand the challenges that emerge from ageing assets. ENGTEQ audit against set criteria and where gaps are identified, will close them quickly, working with our clients to implement strategic and operational changes to enhance asset integrity and performance.